Suggested addition to balenaOS "Building your own" docs page

I just built a balenaOS image from the balena-os/balena-raspberrypi source and I found this page really helpful.

The only problem I had was configuring the image after it was built so that a flashed device showed up in balenaCloud. Eventually I found a comment in the forum that pointed me towards the balena-cli os configure command which was exactly what I needed.

I think there should be line at the end of the “Bake your own image” section of that balenaOS docs page that links to the command documentation.

Thanks for the documentation. It made building an image from source pretty straightforward.

Hey @jack-s, I agree with your suggestion and I’ve opened an issue to track the addition of these instructions. We can let you know on this thread when the issue is closed!

Is there anything else we can help you with! I’m glad you had success building your custom OS!

Great! No I don’t need any other help right now. Thanks

Hey @jack-s, just to let you know I’ve merged some updates to the docs and there is now an additional section at the bottom of the “Bake your own image” guide based on your feedback!

Thanks for reaching out!

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