Modified Raspberry Pi v3 kernel module



I’m working on a project which requires monitor mode support for the onboard Raspberry Pi v3 wifi chip.

It seems that this isn’t supported out of the box, but there are a set of patches which may be useful.


Can you suggest the easiest route for me to compile the patched module for the RPi image?




Hi Alex,

Perhaps you could make use of the following repository to build a module with the patches and replace the default one at runtime :



Lovely - thanks @gelbal - I’ll have a go and let you know how I get on!


That was really useful thanks @gelbal.

I’ve been working to add monitor mode to the Raspberry Piv3B and Piv3B+ WiFi drivers for a project I’m working on here. This required some underlying kernel module and firmware changes.

I’ve documented the process under below, and also provided some binaries for people who just want to get up and running quickly.


@ajlennon, that’s nice to hear. Thanks for sharing your work with the community!


It’s a pleasure to assist in some small way :slight_smile: