Mention new BasicStation repository in blog post?

I want to provision LoRa gateways with Balena for a new product at our company. I came across this this (EDIT: this) blog post. Unfortunately the repository it links to is archived and does not deploy correctly on a Raspberry Pi 4, so I set about to make my own Dockerfile which would compile basicstation.

I finally got the compilation to work (I had to add a new target platform for basicstation) and then came to the forums to share my journey. To my surprised I saw this post from @barryjump:

It seems Balena has already created an official fork to do this very thing. Wonderful! Could the original blog post be updated to mention this so nobody gets confused in future.

I need to make a correction. The article which tripped me up was actually this one:

Hey @whm glad my question was useful! By chance did you happen to get basicstation working in a multi-container setup? I have another forum post attempting to do with same (basicstation & netdata or datadog) and I had some trouble with the makefile & deps folders in the official repository.

That will be next as soon as I get it working with single container. I’ll try to post in your other question once I get to that point (either stuck or successful). Good luck! It’s pretty cool to know there are others working the same issues.

Hi Caleb, yes, as you found out, that article you stumbled upon is one of our older blogs on the topic, and just recently we posted the new one… Thus, great idea, we’ll update the old one to point folks over to the latest post. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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