Make a security camera system - issues

Very much a newbie here.
Just attempting to follow a blog regarding using a PI 3B as a security camera system. This was by Phil Wilson back in August 2020 I think.
I have created a balenaCloud account, added a device (PI 3) downloaded and burned the image to SD card.
The blog states that once the PI boots up from the SD image it should join the balenaCloud and download the Kerberos code which will run in a service called ‘Main’.
Well, I have booted my PI and it is showing up on the balena dashboard as active but nothing else is happening.
My main question is - how does the process know that I want Kerberos downloaded? I have not referenced it at all in the setup (maybe that is why it is not doing it!)
I realize this is probably a dumb question but I would like to understand the process better.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks


Welcome to the balena world and the forum too! Not a dumb question at all btw :slight_smile:

If you used the Deploy with Balena button from the post or GitHub, that URL has an identifier that will help it to use the right application. Check out for other such applications that support this process.

Can I ask you how you deployed? Did you create a new application and add a new device, or did you click on a deploy with Balena button?

In case it’s the former, we will have to manually push the code to your device. Which is not that difficult at all - but requires an extra step or two

Hi, thank you for the reply.
Yes, initially I did not use the Balena button and tried to progress manually. As mentioned I found difficulty in understanding the steps but eventually went back and used the Balena button which did attach the to the build. I now have the desired system with Balena dashboard.
Many thanks.