Lxterminal: command not found


I am new to resin.io.

I have created a shell file that includes the following lines of code to open three terminal windows:
lxterminal --command="sudo hcitool lescan --duplicates"&
lxterminal --command="sudo hcidump --raw"&
lxterminal --command="java -jar xxxxx.jar"

This works fine with my raspberrypi3’s raspbian. However, when deployed to another raspberrypi3 using resin.io, I get the following error:

lxterminal: command not found

How can I open multiple terminals during startup? Is there an alternative to lxterminal?

I am using the resin/raspberrypi3-debian as the OS image.

Hi @palash
lxterminal is not installed by default in the resin/raspberrypi3-debian base image.
You can install it by adding RUN apt-get update && apt-get install lxterminal to your project’s Dockerfile .
It would help to know a bit more about your project and why you need to run three concurrent processes in sub shells, as we may be able to provide a solution that will be more suitable for running on resin.