Apt-get command not found

I followed this guide here Getting Started to setup my Raspberry PI 3 with resinOS and it is all fine till I came to this step here deploy code. I tried to clone my repository, but first I need to have git installed in my machine. And this is where I stalled, I cannot find the way how to install git because resinOS doesn’t recognize most of the commands, including:

apt-get install

Is there any more complete guide, that shows step after step how to successfully deploy a project from the very beginning? How to have the basic stuff installed in the machine (apt-get) so I can proceed further? This Getting Started guide here fast forward from the booting step to the project clone step.

@dbeqiraj once you installed resinOS on your device there’s not much left to do there. The rest of the commands should be run from your computer. In a nutshell, the whole workflow goes like this:

  • flash resinOS on a device and power it up
  • on a project in your computer, add Resin as a remote to your git repository
  • make your changes and commit, as you normally would
  • run git push resin master to send the repository to Resin, where it’ll get built and deployed to your device(s)

All this is described in great detail in the Getting Started guide.

@dfunckt Thank you. Really helpful.