Container command not found or does not exist



Recently, I am having good time with with my two raspberry pi 2.

I pulled ‘hello world’ node.js sample app and modified the greeting into ‘hello world, I am feeling good!’ and pushed the modified code into Git.
Interesting to say, one device works perfectly but another device always fail to run container with the following log:

07.04.17 18:33:45 (+0900) Installing application ''
07.04.17 18:33:45 (+0900) Installed application ''
07.04.17 18:33:45 (+0900) Starting application ''
07.04.17 18:33:46 (+0900) Failed to start application '' due to 'Container command not found or does not exist.

Would anyone help me to figure this out?

Thank you!


Hey! :slight_smile:

How does your CMD looks like? I think I’ve seen something like this, and if that’s the case, it’s an issue we are working on.

If you checkout the Dockerfile Reference: CMD, and if your CMD is in the “shell form”, that is

CMD command param1 param2

then could you switch to the “exec form”? that is:

CMD ["executable","param1","param2"]

It should work in this form, and if does, it should help us debug the issue.


Hey Eric,

Just to confirm, you are using right?

We are investigating this on our part, so we’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile it’d be great if you could leave the devices online since it will help us identify the underlying issue.

Best, Kostas


@eric one question, was this the first git push you performed on this app?