Lubuntu Live Comes Up With Tiny Icons & Text

I recently burned a live usb with Lubuntu. It seemed to work great, except the desktop comes up with teeny tiny icons and fonts. I’m guessing it’s a video mode issue, but can I change this with Etcher before burning it because the menus end up being unreabable because they’re so small.

Welcome to the forums @NateTut - sorry this is not something that balenaEtcher can control or change. This is a Lubuntu issue and needs to be handled after burning the image. Google will probably help you with that (e.g. fonts - How to increase text size on Lubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu )
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Unfortunately, you cannot directly change the Lubuntu Live environment’s video mode within Etcher itself. Etcher burns the ISO image onto your USB drive exactly as it is, without offering any customization options. But fear not, there are still ways to address the tiny icons and fonts issue after booting the Live USB. Try chatGPT or google bard