Low Audio Output - w hifi Dac+

Hey All,

Looking for some help here. I have scoured the forums tried implementing the variable to increase the volume SOUND_VOLUME. But I am unable to increase the volume. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, I think there might be an open issue with this. Is anyone able to confirm?

I just need more bass! :slight_smile:

Hello, is this the DAC you are using? Buy a Raspberry Pi DAC+ – Raspberry Pi
Which output from the DAC are you using and what is it connected to? (headphones, amplifier, etc) Note that SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME was deprecated in favor of SOUND_VOLUME.

thanks for jumping in on this. I am stumped…

Below is the screenshot of the system sees, it registers as the HifiBerry DACPlus. It is connected to an amplifier via the RCA jacks. You can also see the default volume is still 75%

I am aware that STEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME was deprecated in favor of SOUND_VOLUME. As you will see I have both.

What else can I provide to help troubleshoot?