2FA help no backup codes

Can someone help me I have been locked out of my account as I lost my 2FA backup codes and I changed 2FA generators recently as I tried out a few different options.
Help please. :lock::no_entry_sign::key::disappointed_relieved:

Please I need help

Hi, I understand you’re locked out of your account because you’ve setup 2FA but do not have the 2FA device and lost the backup codes.

Another test we can perform is an SSH challenge. Did you add an SSH key to your account ? If you do not have a key added, are you in a org on balenaCloud with someone that has added an SSH key ?


As in what I had it linked to GitHub

On Github you can add a public RSA key yes. This is the same public key you would at to balenaCloud so that we can authenticate you on your devices for SSH access.

Do you have a SSH key pair ? We can check if your profile has a public key added if you do not remember.

I don’t know if I have one