LoRaWAN gateway + basicstation


Last hope I’m not going to ask the dumbest question ever but here I go.

I have a RPi3+RAK hat+RAK2287 gateway running, it works with some quirks but I was wondering if it’s normal that I can’t find how to run shell commands like “station -p” to print the running configuration variables and so on…is there something missing in my PATH…

The only thing running on my node is BalenaOS + Basicstation.

Also wanted to thank everyone involved in Balena, it’s an awesome project!


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hey there, nice work on getting things up and running.

I’m assuming that you want to run station -p on your rpi3 device. To do that from another machine, e.g your laptop, you’ll have to gain command line access to the basicstation container running on the device, and run the command from there.

There’s a couple of ways to do that:

  1. In your balena cloud dashboard, on the device view for your device, there should be a terminal in the bottom right hand corner - click on select target and select the basicstation container (or whatever the container running basic station is called in your case). This will open a terminal session within that container. Try running your command from there.
  2. You can ssh into your device with the balena CLI, like this: SSH access - Balena Documentation and can target the basicstation container like balena ssh <UUID> basicstation (again, assuming the basicstation container has that name.

If you have any more questions let me know! I’ve assumed that your device is connected to balena cloud btw, so if it isn’t, then again, let me know. If you’ve tried these and the command still isn’t working, what error messages are you seeing? Thanks

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