Login button not working Mobile Firefox on IOS

Hi all

Anyone else having an issue logging into the balena dashboard Fromm mobile Firefox iOS? I’m on latest stable for both. Note I have email input and password input in place. But the login button is not responding

I just gave the firefox iOS login a go and everything seem in order for me. I am using Firefox version 18.0(15690).
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Hi @sepulworld. Thanks for reporting. Could you share a https://whatsmybrowser.org/ link for some further investigation on this? Thanks!

Thanks for checking. Here’s my browser info


Version 18.0 (15690)

Is this reproducable for you? For example if you navigate away from the website and then back? We’ve tried to reproduce ourselves, but aren’t able. Perhaps this is some transient issue?

Yes, I’ve rebooted my phone and came back to login page and same issue still. Does iOS Firefox have a dev mode?

Another note. I switched to incognito mode and it works!

I have a pi hole on network. Let me try with that disabled too.

Ok so it appears to be a Firefox bug of some kind. The password is auto filled. If I delete the autofilled password and add it back in manually or through my password manager it works.

Thanks for checking on your end though. I’m good to go for now.

I’ve created an issue on our dashboard repo to see if there is anything that we can do to avoid this. In the meantime though I’m glad you’re unblocked and thanks for reporting!