local mode development, but from a remote location?

Hi Folks,

I’m working with a device that is in local mode, but occasionally I want to be able to push or stream logs from the device from a different network.

Is there a way to do this? Either with port forwarding through the router, or a VPN connection such as Tailscale maybe?


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Hello @philletourneau that’s a great question!

to use local mode you need to be in the same network, so my recommendation is to try VPN or similar to access to that network.

Let us know if that works!

Hi there,

I think this worked for me in the past - but as long as you have access to ports 48484 (supervisor) and 2375 (balena engine) of the device, local mode pushes should work. I just tried this and it seemed to work:

  • first enable local mode on the device
  • then use balena tunnel to forward the 2 ports I mentioned to a local port of the same number on your workstation
balena tunnel <device_uuid> -p 48484:48484

and in another terminal:

balena tunnel <device_uuid> -p 2375:2375
  • in another terminal, do the balena push to localhost (as you’ve forwarded the device ports to local ports of the correct number):
balena push  (use --debug if you want to see whats happening)