Little Bluetooth Router project showcase

Hello long time ago i spent a lot of time on building working Bluetooth NAP setup to allow our customers to set settings over bluetooth.

Today i decided to extract it from main project, move it to balena and publish it

The idea is simple:
User is pairing his device with your device
User is selecting your device as internet provider
User can access internat web server / browse internet over your device

It allows you to share your internet connection and also other containers like webpage over bluetooth without a lot of changes

Hope that it will help someone with building something great!

Result of the repository:


Wow, this is a great (and useful! ) project Adam. Thanks for building it!

It might also be nice to get this submitted to our new “App Store”, called balenaHub:

Have a look, and at the top-left, you can click “Submit Your App”.

In the meantime, I know I will be trying this out!

I just did it. Have a nice day.

Maybe i will make more funny apps like this.

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