Multi room balena

I have a speaker connected to my Raspberry pi 3B+ with balena OS for multi room. I was wondering if I could make my application a wifi network and connect to my device/devices through wifi and play music through the devices network connection.

Thank you

Hi Umar, do you mean create a sort of hotspot on your Raspberry Pi device so you have a WiFi network only for balenaSound?

yes and so I can play music from the hotspot (I am working from windows10)

If you are familiar with docker you could combine it with this other project we have:
With that project you can turn your device into a WiFi hotspot basically. That will leave your device offline so if you want it to connect to balenaCloud and in general have internet access you’ll need to provide internet via ethernet cable.

We have a blogpost about combining two projects into one device that you might find useful:

Let us know how it goes and if you face any problems we can help you out!


If I connect Pi-hole and BalenaSound using docker can the private network made from Pi-Hole play audio (music) from balenasound?


I haven’t ever tried that but I think it should work