Setting up BLE on Balena

I am setting up a product for my organisation and we are using Balena to setup BLE. I saw a sample code on balena-ble-demo and we will be doing something similar to that. But in this case, we need the device’s environment variable on balena to be sent over to the connected bluetooth device without necessarily opening a web page. Hopefully, you’ll put me through this. I await your response.

Hi there.

As you already surmised, the balena-ble-demo application is using the Web Bluetooth API to make it work from within a browser. If you want to just use Bluetooth from within a containerised application then depending on your language stack there are plenty of options, such as pygatt for Python, noble for node.js or rumble for Rust.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!


I will use noble then. I’m using node.js

Thanks, will keep you updated