List views handling for variable- and device - list

Hi everyone,

due to the new variable - view changes, it’s hard to work with the current functions of the grid view.

Currently in the devices view, if you’re interessted in many topics (like OS Version, Supervisor Version, Release, Tags, Name … ) and have a lot of devices, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to get the horizontal scroll bars and loose so the focus of your devices.
otherwise you have to remove some of the columns.

Same problem is on the new variables view.
It auto-fits the value column to the longest value, so you need to scroll down to reach the scroll bar, but lost the variable you’re looking for.

so as a feature request:

  • sort the columns as required (our OPS Guys need OS & Supervisor Version most, our Dev Guys need target- & current release…)
  • have the scrollbars everywhere available and not just on the end of your list

Thanks & best regards,

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ll let our product team know and we will see what they come up with!

It could be useful to truncate very long variable values too, and have a the full content on hover, GitLab does it nicely:

Hi, an update to let you know one of the issues created to address your concerns has already been released - the one with the long device variables. We are still working on the rest and will update you here once they are solved.

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thx @alexgg ! I noticed the new interface today, it’s perfect :slight_smile: