Device services variables length view should be limited


since the last (and awesome) update to the web interface, the device services variables view shows the value of each variable in the respective column.

The problem is that, as well as the input text field length is limited to a few characters in the edition view, it is not limited in the device services variables view. I am using a long string value for one of my variables (a base64 encoded json) and I have to scroll right to see the edition buttons, and there I cannot see the name of the variables.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the detailed report. It seems like a really reasonable request for the cases that long strings without spaces are used as values (eg base64 like in your case).
I’ve raised an issue on the UI team to improve this.

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a new version of the dashboard was deployed that now properly handles long env var names, values & overrides.
We hope you like the way it looks now.
Thank you for reporting this. Please give us a note if you have any further suggestions.


That’s great! Thank you very much. It is perfect like it is right now :slight_smile: