Linux x64 download link is broken

I’m trying to download the Linux x64 client, but when I click on the button to download it I get the following error:



    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>







Hi @jchico,

Thanks for reporting this issue! We are aware of this issue, and are tracking it here. Feel free to subscribe to that issue for future updates. You can download the previous release in the meantime, v1.5.43.

Thanks again for the report!!

Hi again @jchico,

Thank you again for the initial report! We’ve just released v1.5.45 and all versions (including the Linux 64bit client) should now be available (from both that releases page and the balenaEtcher site). We’ve tracked down the issue that failed to upload the files to our filestore and are currently working to ensure that this is resolved.

Best regards, Heds