Bluetooth security with password

Hi! I just installed BalenaSound on my rp4 and its great, however there is one thing I cannot figure out. I live next to a crowded street so I want to prevent someone passing by to connect to my speaker through bluetooth (wifi is WPA2 secured already). Is there anyway to set a password for Bluetooth and if not a method of disabling just bluetooth connectivity?


Hi there, it is possible to set a pairing pin, can you have a look at If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to open an issue in the balenaSound repo and the engineers working on it can have a look. Thanks!

Thanks! will try that

I have the same problem but I do not understand how I can get this pin code in my balena configuration?

Hi there, could you please try adding DEFAULT_PIN_CODE environment variable to the bluetooth container with your PIN.

Apologies, that variable should be BLUETOOTH_PIN_CODE, also you will need to set BLUETOOTH_PAIRING_MODE=LEGACY, the documentation is here.