Is balenaEtcher corrupting my iso files?

So the other day I somehow accidentally deleted windows from my laptop, and all i have is a chromebook with crouton and a USB drive. I’m trying to install Zorin OS on my laptop using balenaEtcher on crouton, but every time i get it on my broken laptop, it wont install correctly, and I get an error that i have confirmed is due to corruption. Some problems before using balenaEtcher I have noticed are how the iso files I download are smaller than it says they are on the downloads page. I’m downloading Zorin OS 8 core, which is 1.8 GB, but when i download it says the download is 1.6 GB. I am not sure if chrome os just calculates the size differently or if it is corrupted. If it is not corrupted, could it be balenaEtcher?

Hello, it’s possible that your OS will calculate the size of a downloaded file slightly differently that the expected size. To confirm your download of Zorin OS you could use a checksum to make sure it is complete and legitimate as outlined here: How to check the validity of your downloaded Zorin iso - Tutorials & Guides - Zorin Forum - If the download is not corrupt you may also want to try a different USB drive.

Hi, I would like to follow up on this, were you able to solve the issue? Otherwise have you performed the integrity check as my colleague suggested? Thanks