"Invalid Volume Signature" during `resin config read` with TX2

When I run sudo resin config read --type jetson-tx2 and select the SD card containing an Etcher-written TX2 image, resin-cli prints “Invalid Volume Signature” and exits.

I understand that the SD card isn’t necessarily exactly what gets flashed onto the TX2-onboard memory but is this actually supported with TX2 images?

Hi! looks like there’s some ongoing investigation on this here: https://github.com/resin-io/resin-cli/issues/908

Just to let you know @chachi, this has now been resolved, for both the resin config read command you’re using, and a few others affected like resin os configure. If you update your CLI to the latest version, you should pick up the fix automatically.

Thanks for the report, let us know if you have any other trouble.

Awesome! After a troublesome reinstallation of resin-cli (npm always gives me trouble), I can read my TX2 SD card! Thanks @pimterry