Intermittent video

We have been experiencing video drop outs on our displays here recently. In the cloud dashboard it shows that everything is functioning correctly, but on displays there is no video output. It has just recently started having this issues across most of the devices we have deployed, all are pi3’s connected by hdmi. Of course we tried the normal troubleshoot of cable and other things, but the only way we have been able to get the video going again is to power off the raspberry pi3 and video start to show once again. This has happened on multiple instances. I didn’t know if any one else has experienced this or know of a solution, cause it is frustrating to go myself or send someone to particular place where the display is to disconnect power to get video going again.

Hi there,

We’d like to help understand what’s going on. Could you possibly give us the dashboard URL of a device exhibiting this behaviour, as well as granting support access, and we could take a look for you?

Best regards, Heds