HDMI Port Issues

We are having some issues with displays going blank and the HDMI flickering. We have used the same displays with the FIN previously but seem to be having some issues now. Any advice or troubleshooting suggesstions would be appreciated!

Hello @jts ,

I have a few questions that could help us narrow down the options:

  • Are you experiencing the issue in the same Fins that used to work fine? Or have you only tried the same displays in new Fins?
  • When you mention they go blank, do you see a white image or no image at all?
  • How are the Fins being powered?


This has only been new Fins with new displays. I believe one issue may have been with a Fin that has been running for at least a couple of years, but the screen may be new on that unit.

No white image. Screen is resetting and shows the HDMI config info sometimes as well as discoloration.

Our power source is a 12V 1.2A max power supply.

I am going to try the boost option and see if there is any change. raspbian - Screen Flashing - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Hi thereā€¦

Thanks for the info. Did you try the boost option? And if so, did it help?