Installing Hyperpixel4.0

Having problems with flowdock…
I have created an account an inserted the api token, but I keep getting Access Denied…

Restarting service 'flowdock sha256:d3857b79f39991ffa71e888ead961d888e60dd8ba892c6482c4100700eef635d'
 flowdock  __pycache__
 flowdock  Flushing redis
 redis  1:M 30 Jun 2022 11:37:23.880 * DB saved on disk
 flowdock  On the lookout for these: test
 flowdock  These tags don't expire: ['proofoflegs', 'memeservice']
 flowdock  Checking out what's going on in pub
 flowdock  Traceback (most recent call last):
 flowdock    File "", line 123, in <module>
 flowdock      messages = flow.list(tags=tags, sort='desc', tag_mode='or', limit=100)
 flowdock    File "/usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/", line 140, in list
 flowdock      assert resp.status_code == 200, (resp.status_code, resp.content)
 flowdock  AssertionError: (403, b'{"message":"Access denied"}')
Service exited 'flowdock sha256:d3857b79f39991ffa71e888ead961d888e60dd8ba892c6482c4100700eef635d'

And no output to the screen…

@jesper If I understand from the above you are trying to run GitHub - balena-io-playground/pixel-buddy as is - right?

Can you try removing the flowdock setup from compose file ? See if that runs for you and make slight modification to pull a static image (rather than flowdock (FD) as source).


Hi @nitish

I have removed the flowdock from the compose file, and it is building now…

I have manually added an image to the ‘/data/my_data’ folder…
Is that enough?

Does it work now the display @Jesper ?

Hi @mpous

Nope… Nothing on the display…

Don’t know if this helps. The “Target supervisor state”:

  "local": {
    "name": "defiant-tile",
    "config": {
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_display_default_lcd": "1",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dpi_group": "2",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dpi_mode": "87",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dpi_output_format": "0x5f026",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dpi_timings": "420 0 20 20 40 800 0 15 15 15 0 0 0 60 0 36720000 4",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_enable_dpi_lcd": "1",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_framebuffer_height": "420",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_framebuffer_width": "800",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_overscan_bottom": "0",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_overscan_left": "0",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_overscan_right": "0",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_overscan_top": "0",
      "RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_avoid_warnings": "1",
    "apps": {
      "1945302": {
        "releaseId": 2214735,
        "commit": "ed6f68df700c4dfa07fa210357750334",
        "name": "*******",
        "services": {
          "1636402": {
            "restart": "always",
            "privileged": true,
            "devices": [
            "group_add": [
            "volumes": [
            "environment": {
              "DISPLAY": ":0",
              "FLOWDOCK_TOKEN": "*******"
            "depends_on": [
            "imageId": 5090589,
            "serviceName": "gui",
            "image": "*******",
            "running": true,
            "labels": {}
          "1636403": {
            "image": "*******",
            "restart": "always",
            "privileged": true,
            "volumes": [
            "imageId": 5090590,
            "serviceName": "xserver",
            "running": true,
            "environment": {
              "FLOWDOCK_TOKEN": "*******"
            "labels": {}
          "1636404": {
            "image": "*******",
            "command": [
            "volumes": [
            "imageId": 5090591,
            "serviceName": "redis",
            "running": true,
            "environment": {
              "FLOWDOCK_TOKEN": "*******"
            "labels": {}
        "networks": {},
        "volumes": {
          "x11": {},
          "shared-data": {},
          "redis-data": {}
  "dependent": {
    "apps": {},
    "devices": {}

@mpous @nitish

Should the BalenaOS show an splash screen on startup?
Because it does not…

@Jesper apologizes for the delay replying your message. Did this work on your side?

@mpous Nope i didn’t get it to work. So I proceded on the Raspberian OS, to get my POC working for the customer…

Thanks for the update @Jesper

We have a team member working on a simple example to set up the Hyperpixel Square on balena. Once this is going to be public we are going to ping you!

What I need is to be able to show two buttons on the screen, and handle the touch event of those.

I have manually added an image to the ‘/data/my_data’ folder….

What problem do you have @helpji66 ?

@jesper, @helpji66 I have posted a working minimal example of the Hyperpixel 4 Square on balena here: GitHub - balena-io-examples/balena-hyperpixel4-square: Minimal example of using Hyperpixel4 Square w/touch on balena - it includes information about how you could use the touch to respond to events on the screen. If you have any further questions feel free to add an issue there or ask them here.

@alanb128 I have tried the example but can’t get it to work either.
No output on screen…

I have then non squera display: HyperPixel 4.0 - Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi - Pimoroni

I’m trying with these settings:

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dpi_timings 480 0 20 20 40 800 0 15 15 15 0 0 0 60 0 36720000 4
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_enable_dpi_lcd 1
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_framebuffer_height 480
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_framebuffer_width 800

The value for Define DT parameters for the default overlay is: “audio=on”,“i2c_arm=on”,“spi=on”,“audio=on”
Is that correct?

@mpous Can you get @alanb128 to look at this?

@jesper I’m not sure we have the device overlay for the non-square version in balenaOS but can you try adding (or changing) the “define DT overlays” value to hyperpixel4-pi3 - if that doesn’t work you may need to compile them and copy to /mnt/overlays before provisioning as was done in this thread: HyperPixel 2.1 Round Display Support for the round Hyperpixel.