Installation on Intel NUC: "Error: too deep nesting of symlinks"

We’re trying to flash an Intel NUC with balena-2.26.0-rev 1 from one of our applications,
We put a new SSD into the NUC because the previous one gave us the error “can’t have overlapping partitions” when performing the initial flashing.

With the new SSD, the initial flashing works fine, but then we get
“Error: too deep nesting of symlinks”

We’re going to try “gparted-live” and delete the partitions.
Any other suggestions?

Hi @jason10,


error is now fixed in our OS. This happened when the board’s power was cut during flashing.
Here is the fixing commit: resindataexpander: Fix typo in Resin Flasher detection by acostach · Pull Request #1379 · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub

The solution if you want to flash the OS on the corrupted storage drive is to wipe the partition table from it.
Or write an OS with version >= v2.30 (not yet released at the date of this writing) where the fix is implemented.


error I don’t know what cause could have. But a more detailed log could help.


Sorry, the longer log is not available. I believe that the errors were written to the video out of the device.

Thanks for the update!