Infinite redirect on, and invalid datasheet link. please fix these!

calling this from curl or the browser gets into an infinite redirection loop:

# curl


<a href="">Moved Permanently</a>.

also the datasheet link doesn’t work here:


@PeterKAlvin thank you for letting us know, we’ll get this corrected.

In the mean time you can access the balenaFin datasheet here if you need to:

Hi @PeterKAlvin ,

Just some notes:

  • the downloads are now fixed
  • curl does not follow redirects by default, you need curl -L for that
  • what file are you trying to download? The curl link you posted there wouldn’t give back anything, as those folders can’t be listed / can’t do recursive downloading. For example the unconfigured OS image for the NUC for that version is at curl -L -O Also notice, that + is URL-encoded in the link, in your example not sure how you got that link

If you provide us with some more info of what are you trying to download, we are happy to help further!

Thanks so much. Link was only an example. We used it to download kernel headers. Looks like its working now.

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Glad to hear, let us know if you hit any issues!