In resin cli, resin ssh returns ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS

On mac os, after I did brew upgrade, doing resin ssh gives me this error:

ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS: Attempt to write outside buffer bounds

I can do resin login and succeed.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

I vaguely understand this to be a node/npm problem. I have to the best of my ability completely uninstalled node/npm and reinstalled. But the error persists. It’s scary for me, as a non-node guy, to know I have now succeeded in locking myself out of every machine, save the web terminal in the dashboard, because of a node/npm prob on my end.

For anyone else who finds themselves locked out of a machine on the lan:

I could then ssh in as root@192.168.x.x

The dockerfile pulls jesse. When I changed to pull from stretch, the default pw was not accepted. My guess is that its a simple sshd config change between releases but I haven’t had a chance to figure it out yet.

This is caused by Node 10, which came out last week and isn’t fully supported in the CLI yet.

We’re working on getting this fixed asap. In the meantime you should be able to downgrade your node version (e.g. to Node 8, the LTS release) to immediately it working again.

Thx Tim. I’m focused now on running sshd on the device container, and building that into all my apps.

For anyone troubleshooting, Pete suggested this cmd which returns more info:

DEBUG=1 resin ssh

Hi @pimterry
any update on this?
I still getting this error with node 10

Hi @martin, this bug was been resolved quite a while ago, so I’m surprised you’re still seeing it. Can you confirm what version of the CLI you’re using?

the latest,
I just updated it and I’m still getting this error
node is 10.11.0

@martin I assume you’ve installed using npm? Can you please run npm ls -g struct-fu, and paste the output here? That was the underlying module that caused this problem, but it was fixed in struct-fu > 1.2.1.

@martin are you still facing this issue? Let us know if there’s anything more we can do to help.