Updating resin-cli on macos with node 10.5.0 completely broke resin-cli

Updating resin cli with node 10.5.0 completely broke, when typing “which resin” completely dissapeared.

Was related to node-ext2fs

Downgraded to node 9.11.2 and it’s working again.

I’ve taken a look into this, it appears that the 1.0.7 release of prebuilt binaries for ext2fs failed for Node 10 on OSX & Linux. That meant the install attempted to do a full local native build, which requires specific environment setup, and often fails. I’ve just rerun the deploy for these platforms and it seems to have now worked correctly. Can you try again with Node 10 and see if it now works for you?

+ resin-cli@7.6.0
added 858 packages from 579 contributors in 98.376s
➜  resin-influx git:(master) node -v

Working! Thanks guys, you are amazing

I <3 Resin Team