IMST Lite Gateway - Demonstration Platform does not start up

Hi, For some time I try to get my IMST Lite Gateway - Demonstration Platform for LoRa® Technology unit connected to thethingsnetwork.
It connects but gets disconnected repeatedly.
contact with IMST told me that the reset procedure was not done correctly based on these two log lines: (if needed I have a full log)
21.09.22 18:43:01 (+0200) ERROR: Failed to load fw 1
21.09.22 18:43:01 (+0200) ERROR: Version of calibration firmware not expected, actual:0 expected:2

I experimented with the reset pin (according to IMST this sould be pin 5) and gppio pins to no avail.
So I am stuck
n.b. the unit did work well with vesrsion 2 TTN stack…

Hello @Arno welcome to the balena community :slight_smile:

Did you deploy this App in your fleet? → balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, apps, and blocks for edge devices

On the other hand, could you please confirm if this is a 32 bit or 64 bit device? i couldn’t find the datasheet with this information.


Hi Mpous, thanks for answering!
I used the instructions from:

If this deploys another repository I can try the one you point me to.
I also had an email chat with IMST they suggested the following:

The following line is NOT recommended:

We recommend to remove that line in order to get a valid digital connection with ONE output and ONE input end of the line. By unexporting the GPIO the output part is no longer present and the line level can randomly float, so there is a high danger of getting unwanted behavior (e.g. resets)

I am using the Rpi-1 of the set
Currently I took the device off-line to avoid unnecessary (dis)connects
hope this sheds some more light.

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Thanks for sharing your comments!

Honestly i need to update the basicstation version to the latest one. I will try to work on this during the next weeks. Meanwhile you can use the recommended version i shared with you.

Let me know if that works!

Thanks for the update. Iĺl try the version you recomend.
Also, IMST noted the reset pin for this module to be pin_5

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Keep me updated if this other version works @Arno

To change the RESET PIN just change the Device Variable GW_RESET_GPIO. You can find more information here → GitHub - xoseperez/basicstation: Basics™ Station Packet Forward protocol using Docker

Hey @Arno could you please confirm if the new application worked?


Hi Mpous,
Sorry for the late reply, have been to busy to work on this issue.unfortunately I still do not get the unit to work. the connect / disconnect sequence keeps repeating.

Let me correct myself: I do have the gateway running and connected to TTN. what I changed: removed the GW_RESET_PIN variable and set the GW_REST_GPIO to 5.
Can you make this pin setting "public"as I will not be the only one having (had) this issue. Anyways thanks for the help!