IMST Lite Gateway - Demonstration Platform does not start up

Hi, For some time I try to get my IMST Lite Gateway - Demonstration Platform for LoRa® Technology unit connected to thethingsnetwork.
It connects but gets disconnected repeatedly.
contact with IMST told me that the reset procedure was not done correctly based on these two log lines: (if needed I have a full log)
21.09.22 18:43:01 (+0200) ERROR: Failed to load fw 1
21.09.22 18:43:01 (+0200) ERROR: Version of calibration firmware not expected, actual:0 expected:2

I experimented with the reset pin (according to IMST this sould be pin 5) and gppio pins to no avail.
So I am stuck
n.b. the unit did work well with vesrsion 2 TTN stack…