I'm having trouble using Etcher to flash a TAILS image

Hello everyone.

I’m having trouble to burn a TAILS image on a Kingston USB stick.

Everytime I try to flash the image, the error on the image bellow happens.

Anybody know why this error keeps happening? Is there any way that I can fix it?

Hello, this is a verification error, it means that the data that we read from the stick after flashing is not exactly the same as the image we’ve written.
Try flashing another USB stick.

Hi Zvin, and thanks for the reply.

You was right. Before I created the topic, I had tried with two kingston USB sticks (DT101 G2 and DT50) and both failed. But now I flashed into a Sandisk CruzerBlade and worked.

Maybe there is a compatibility problem with Etcher and the Kingston brand that might be worth a further examination.

But well, my problem is solved for now. Thank you :grinning:

Hey @pseudonym, glad to know that the issue was found!

Happy flashing :slight_smile: