I want Balena OS to incorporate the RTL8811AU,RTL8812AU driver

I am currently using ralink 2.4G USB dongles with CM3 as recommended.
However, 2.4G often causes network errors.
When I searched, a cool USB dongle that can be used in 2.4G / 5G called Archer T2U Nano made by TP-LINK was released.

Balena believes that it is not possible to incorporate additional drivers into the HOST OS when using OS updates.

Please have RTL8811AU and RTL8812AU driver integrated in Balena OS?

Archer T2U Nano



Hey @Keisuke, we’ve been investigating 5GHz dongle support for balenaOS, but so far we haven’t found one that us sufficiently widespread and well supported to be able to include it. We have an internal issue opened for this to track it, and we are checking with our device support team to be able to provide more information later.

Hello @imrehg

Thank you for answering.

There are not many chips used for 5G Wi-Fi.

I look forward to it.

If it is difficult to include by default,
Assuming that you continue to use OS Update from Balena Cloud, please let me know how you can add drivers yourself.

Our team has done some research in the past to include a 5G dongle in our supported HW set, but unfortunately we have not found anything that has the level of stability we are searching for.
Do feel free to make your own research and if you find something stable, we can include it in the OS.
Apologies for not having a better solution for you.
Kind regards,

How about now?

It’s 2022 and I’m frustrated to find that there is no support for this very common USB 5G wifi chipset after having spent money on a commonly available dongle.

Can the ability to deploy needed drivers via balenacloud be made possible?

Hi @huskion,

While we don’t have anything included by default, you can test the drivers using this example: GitHub - balena-os/kernel-module-build: Example project for building an OOT kernel module in balena

Then, once you’ve tested that those drivers work as-expected, you can submit a PR to the repo of the hardware you would like it added to. For instance, if you’re using the Raspberry Pi 4, you would submit a pull request to this repo: GitHub - balena-os/balena-raspberrypi: Balena support for RaspberryPI boards

We have a lot of customers using a pretty wide variety of hardware, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to add whatever they might need specifically! Let us know if you have any trouble with the process.