I want Balena OS to incorporate the RTL8811AU,RTL8812AU driver

I am currently using ralink 2.4G USB dongles with CM3 as recommended.
However, 2.4G often causes network errors.
When I searched, a cool USB dongle that can be used in 2.4G / 5G called Archer T2U Nano made by TP-LINK was released.

Balena believes that it is not possible to incorporate additional drivers into the HOST OS when using OS updates.

Please have RTL8811AU and RTL8812AU driver integrated in Balena OS?

Archer T2U Nano



Hey @Keisuke, we’ve been investigating 5GHz dongle support for balenaOS, but so far we haven’t found one that us sufficiently widespread and well supported to be able to include it. We have an internal issue opened for this to track it, and we are checking with our device support team to be able to provide more information later.