Unsupported USB wifi adapter

this is my first project so I don’t know a lot about balenaOS. I would like to make wifi repeater from RPi4 but my driver for my USB wifi adapter is not installed, so it can’t connect to the home network.
I do it with help of this website:

Is there any solution to solve it, please? My wifi adapter is: tp link tl-wn823n.


If balenaOS doesn’t have the driver for your wifi adapter, you’ll need to build it yourself and add it.

This is not an easy task.

First check that it is indeed not supported by typing ifconfig -a in the host OS. Check if you see one or two wifi interfaces.

Looking at https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/hardware/wifi-dongles/#known-working-devices I think your adapter may work (rtl8192cu).

If it’s not you’ll need to find the sources of the driver and build them.

Check https://github.com/balena-os/kernel-module-build and https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/develop/multicontainer/#labels (look for io.balena.features.kernel-modules)

Thanks for response, but I found another problem. After self-update after the 1st boot, RPi4 couldn’t boot. I already reinstall balenaOS on SD card and it happened again. The green light repeatly blinks 4 times. :confused:

I already reinstall balenaOS on SD card and it happened again.

Did it boot right after flashing ?

You might find this link interesting https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=437084#p437084

Yes, it did. After downloading the update, it will probably restart and won’t boot again.

The update is from which balenaOS version to which balenaOS version? Does it still refuse to boot if you flash the newest balenaOS version instead of updating it?

Hi, could you elaborate more on building my own drivers to install into BalenaOS? I have a cheap “ANEWKODI” USB wifi adapter that I had been using with Volumio on my Raspi2B, but it would appear as though BalenaOS does not automatically setup the device.

When connected to my PC in device manager, it registers as a “Realtek RTL8811AU Wireless LAN 802.11ac USB 2.0 Network Adapter”

I recognize that I could just go get one of the supported adapters, but I feel as though it would be a great learning experience for me to try and compile these drivers myself :slight_smile: I just need a slight steer in the right direction


Please have a look at https://github.com/balena-os/kernel-module-build and check its README

I was able to build https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au with it (couldn’t try as I don’t have a pi4)


  • git clone git@github.com:balena-os/kernel-module-build.git;
  • cd kernel-module-build;
  • git clone https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au;
  • edit Dockerfile.template, change VERSION to 2.60.1+rev5.prod and example_module to rtl8812au;
  • commit your changes;
  • balena push someRaspberryPi4Application;