USB Wifi RTL8811AU Adapter Installation

Hi everyone, I have several Realtek RTL8811AU USB adapters that I am trying to set up for use in my Pi2B, but I cannot find instructions on how to do so

This repository seems to provide the necessary drivers, but I do not know if they can be used with balenaOS

If anyone could provide guidance I would be very appreciative

Hi, thanks for getting in touch,

We currently only explicitly support bcm43143 based adapters, many others do work, more details can be found in our documentation

For a longer list of devices that should work you can use the elinux rip wifi page.

I’ve had a look over both and couldn’t find any reference for the Realtek RTL8811AU, but this might be because it references the chipset rather than the part? It will take a bit of time but finding out if any devices on the list have this chipset would be one way to get a more definite answer.

Another option would be to confirm if it uses one of the following firmwares: linux-firmware-ath9k,linux-firmware-ralink or linux-firmware-rtl8192cu.

Hopefully this helps!


I’d just like to point out this thread, where adding the Realtek drivers has been discussed before.

From what I can see, there was definitive result reported back, but it might give you some insights.