I have a problem when apply "apt-get update".

The process failed with the following Err:3 https://dl.cloudsmith.io/public/balena/etcher/deb/ubuntu focal InRelease 402 Payment Required [IP: 2600:9000:21f5:6200:e:f4d2:20c0:93a1 443]"

Hi, thanks for letting us know about this issue, we have hit some rate limits from Cloudsmith and we are addressing this to make sure the problem is resolved.

In the mean time you can manually update by downloading the release file from github and installing, for example on ubuntu the .deb then sudo dpkg -i [filename].deb. This documentation should be helpful for deb: Manual Installation but you should be able to find more information on how to do by googling ‘how to manually install deb/rpm’

You should be able to download etcher using the apt-get update workflow. We were hitting cloudsmith’s monthly limit as you can see here

Thanks for reporting too