How to use 2x Wifi with Raspberry Pi 3 + Resin


I would like to know if it is possible to run two wifis with resin. I am not sure how to configure the network manager and the resin base image in this case (use ethernet only?).

We would like to first connect to our local servers (Ethernet) to initialize the device on resin.
Later on, the customer should only have access to the two wifis, once shipped.

wlan0 (internal wifi) should create a static IP access point without internet access. Here we would like to run a node.js express server for some configurations ( and change the SSID to<company-name>-<device-id>.

wlan1 (dongle) will be configured through the node.js app ( using nmcli (network manager).
The connected wifi settings should NOT be reset, once the device restarts.

Is this possible with resin? Depending on this we would like to chose resin for commercial use.
Thank you very much.