Route Wireless to Wired with resinOS 2.x and RPi 3

I’d like to use resinOS 2.x to route traffic between a WiFi network and an Ethernet device, such as an actual router, plugged into the Ethernet port on my Raspberry Pi 3. With resinOS 1.x a solution was created here:

Since newer versions of resinOS are using Network Manager the above approach may no longer work.

The BridgeNetworkConnectionsProxyARP doc on the Debian Wiki seems to have a solution. But it’s not clear how it would be applied under resinOS 2.x.

How can I route WiFi traffic to Ethernet with resinOS 2.x using Network Manager?

Here’s some additional info on using the RPi as a wireless bridge (or router, for the persnickety word types). It’s not resinous but it might help with regard to achieving the end goal set out in this topic.

Finally got the Pi 3 to route traffic from Wi-Fi to Ethernet using a layer 2 solution:

Hope this can be made to work on resinOS 2.x somehow.

Check out this issue

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Thanks @arpitjindal97! That’s extremely helpful. If it doesn’t run straight away on resinOS I’ll see if I can’t get it running using Hypriot or similar. End game is to set up a system to disguise a hidden network and protect its activity in an easily repeatable way.

Works perfectly with resinOS 2.x. You’re boss @arpitjindal97. You made this look easy. :nail_care: