Storing logs in balenaCloud

I would like to analyse the log of a specific device.
I’m wondering if the device/service logs are stored in BalenaCloud and if it is possible to access a history of the logs?
Or if there is an option to enable persistent storing on the cloud?

Thank you in advance

Hello there
Are you interested in the journal logs of the device? Currently container logs are stored on BalenaCloud, and their history is accessible via the logs dashboard. You can use the Enable persistent logging. setting for enabling persistent journal longing on the device, via the Device Configuration. Persistent logging is disabled by default, for avoiding SD card wear, due to IO. Currently, you can inspect journal logs, via journalctl commands from the host os.
Please let us know if you have further questions, or need clarifications/ help.
Best Regards

Thank you for the answer, I’ve enabled the persistent logging but I wanted to know if the logs were stored in BalenaCloud and if it is the case for how long?
When I use the timestamp filter there are no results showing up.

Concerning the persistent logging, is it possible to access the containers logs?

Hi! Could you elaborate on the log type you re interested in? Would that be host journal logs, or service container logs?

I’m interested in the service containers logs.

Hi @cr4psy unfortuately the cloud only stores approximately 1000 lines of logs in the cloud, which you can access using the CLI command balena logs <DEVICE_UUID>. We have future plans to enable paying for longer historical log retention in the cloud but today we recommend using an external service to accomplish this.