How to mount /lib/firmware RW


My apologies if this is an ignorant question, I have googled and searched this forum but have been unable to find the answer. I wanted to try to add wireless support to an unsupported board (everything works except wireless) during the build process. However, in order to do this I need to mount /lib/firmware RW.

I appreciate the assistance.


Hi Rob!

/lib/firmware is part of the host OS filesystem, and changing it would either block Resin OS updates, or overwrite them on every update – As this could leave devices in a non functioning state, Resin OS doesn’t allow modifications to it by default.

That said, it is certainly possible to load custom kernel modules and/or firmware from a container. If you put the firmware in the containers /lib/firmware (instead of mounting the host OS’s), and load the required kernel module from there, that generally works well.

Alternatively, there might be a way to specify an alternative location for the firmware in the drivers?