How to add device firmware to /lib/firmware/ ?

Hello. I saw this topic in github:

Please describe where i need to put new file and how can i do that ?

Shall I create /resin-conf/lib/firmware/updates/ on first partition of image and put here ? Thanks!


I moved this to balenaOS from openBalena as that was the wrong topic for this thread :+1:

Regarding the question; could you clarify the use-case for this? What are you trying to add that needs to be in this directory?

Hello, i want to add firmware for usb wifi. mt7601u.bin. Thank you.

If you wanted to test this on a standalone device, then you can remount the root filesystem RW and copy the file over to /lib/firmware on the HostOS.

Are you using balenaCloud to manage this device?

I am using openBalena. I want to automate this process . Can I do that ? Thank you!


I see now why you created the question in the openBalena topic, but this is actually a device-related question.

We support mounting the /lib/firmware directory into the containers started in your app, but I don’t think they’re writable so probably of no use to you. If you wanted to do this at scale then you would need to build a custom balenaOS image with your binaries included, I think. Alternatively could you make a container to load the module for your wifi adaptor and have it use the binary from within it’s own filesystem perhaps?

Thank you. So for now it is only to build custom BalenaOS ?

How can i use it on container ? How can i load it without reboot ?

Yeah, I would go for a custom balenaOS build as this shouldn’t be too troublesome to do. We have some docs here: if you need to get started.