How to add file to /etc/modules for HOST OS

Hello. How can i add wifi dongle driver for HOST OS to /etc/modules from service ? Or any other way ? Thank you.

Hi there. Another user has documented their method to doing this in the following forum thread: How to build custom kernel modules. Here is also an example project that may be useful:

Hopefully these can be useful to you

So the answer, i only need to compile custom balenaOS? But i already have a file , and right now i am doing next on HOST:

mount -ro remount,rw /
wget -O /lib/firmware/mt7601u.bin
sleep 10 && reboot &

How can i automate this ?

Hi there,

Unless for some reason that module cannot be built out-of-tree, you should actually be able to do all this from a regular service defined in your docker-compose.yml. Have a look at the following forum thread for more nuance regarding building wifi kernel modules: How can I configure tp-link wifi adapter

Is that not working for you, or perhaps there’s something else blocking you from doing that?

Hi. I do not need build. I have file. I need to put it on HOST file system to /lib/firmware/ dir. How can i do that from Guest docker app ? Is it possible ?

Maybe i can put somewhere to iso with resin-image-fs tool ?

Currently there is not a way to inject a file like this firmware in the root fs which will be preserved after OS update, so we do not have a way for doing this that we would recommend. We are currently working on a solution for this, but it is not ready yet unfortunately.

The proper way for handling this is for us to include the firmware in a next OS release. I see you are copying mt7601u.bin - is this for a Ralink MT7601U wireless adapter? Also what is the device that you are using - a Raspberry Pi or a different one?

Yes, Ralink MT7601U and Raspberry Pi. It will be great.

Thank you for the information @sergbbb,

Which specific model of the Raspberry Pi are you targeting?


Raspberry Pi 3

ср, 2 дек. 2020 г. в 19:08, Nicolas Tzovanis via balenaForums <>:

Hi, we have created an issue to add this support to balenaOS, We will update this ticket once the issue is resolved.