How-to install generic images, should they still work with named boards?

I’ve been looking through the images available, considering alternate boards for development. And came across the following:

Generic AArch64

  • aarch64
  • Any AArch64 SoC/SoM
  • Any carrier board

Question, should this still work on a named board i.e. Coral Dev Board 4GB (which I have)?

I know there is a specific image for my board, but I have been unable to install after v2.48.0+rev5. It should be possible to use this generic image instead, right?

Hello, I don’t have a Coral 4GB version to try but it is certainly worth testing out. Although it may boot, it won’t have all the drivers required for full functionality. A newer compatible version of the OS specifically for the Coral 4GB should be available in the future, but I can’t provide an ETA at this time.

Sadly, it didn’t work. I’m curious to know how the rest of the i.MX 8-based boards are getting on. Ignoring manufacturer, I would assume that they are the next biggest family after Raspberry Pi- and Jetson-based boards.

Hi @gavin67890,

In full transparency, we have traditionally added hardware as-needed by customers, prioritized by business case. We are moving to a more proactive method of adding hardware, but it will probably always be the case that there will be some SBC’s that people want balena to add which we haven’t yet done.

In the case of i.MX8 based hardware, we have mostly added these per customer request. The hardware is typically easier to onboard when manufacturers maintain a Yocto BSP and are willing to work with us in the case of any issues, so you’ll see more from certain manufacturers than others, either because we have had a lot of customers using their boards and/or we have a really good relationship with the manufacturer. Compulab and Variscite come to mind for i.MX8.

You can see our full list here though: devices. We are also in process of actively reaching out to build relationships with manufacturers you’re not seeing on that list (this effort started recently but is gaining speed in the past few months). We’re in process of onboarding hardware for OKdo and PHYTEC for instance, so hopefully the list of hardware manufacturers we regularly onboard hardware for will continue to grow.

All that said, if you are planning to use balenaCloud for a project and the newer 4GB iteration of the Coral Dev Board is critical to your effort, please reach out (you can PM me here in Forums, or contact our team via Paid Support if you’re already a customer). We’ve already done work to bring the first Coral Dev Board to balena, so it likely wouldn’t be a huge lift for us to add the more recent 4GB version. :slight_smile:

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