How to increase output audio drive on Balena Sound?

How do I increase the audio drive level of the audio output port on the Pi 3 running the Balena Sound project?

Hi @TowMater welcome to the forums.

As part of the project setup the output of the Pi is already increased to 100% by this line. However the output can also be affected by the volume controls of whatever Bluetooth device you are using as well.

Ok thank you.

As for extracting the HDMI audio, is there any experience with using an HDMI audio splitter (such as this: Linky) on the Pi 3b+? will the Pi recognize this as a connected display at boot and allow the audio to pass through it instead of defaulting to the analog out? Or will a config file change be required for the use of these devices?

Being completely new to the Balena/Github universe, is this something where I can just modify the local config files (after remounting the filesystem to read-write) or do I have to push them from the server end somehow?

@TowMater I personally haven’t tried a splitter like the one you linked, but I have tested the project with an HDMI monitor (that has an internal DAC for a headphone-out) and it ‘just works™’ :slight_smile:

As for the config files, bear in mind that balenaCloud is designed for managing fleets of devices so you should never have to make any changes manually on your device, as that would mean if you had 100 devices you’d have to make that change 100 times (for example). To change things that would be in config.txt you can use the device configuration variables and prefix what you’d like to set with BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_, for example BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_avoid_warnings - see here for a config.txt reference.

The benefit of doing things this way is that if you add another device then you don’t have to do any work for a second time, or if your SD card died, you would just flash the OS to a new one and the system would be all fully set up automatically for you just like before.

I hope this helps!

Thank you!

Trying to get the Pi to force HDMI audio out but it keeps sending audio to the 3.5 analog connector. Created a new topic here.