How to boot 32bit UEFI on 2.29rev1 Essentials Intel NUC (Unsupported board)


I have some unsupported hardware that I have previously used with the Intel NUC 2.13.6. These boards have a 32bit BIOS, but 64bit arch. To get them working I just had to copy the 32bit UEFI files to the UEFI directory in the boot folder. I wanted to install the latest version to them but the folder structure is different in 2.29rev1 and I am a bit at a loss. If someone might be able to point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative.


What are the differences that confuse you in between these versions? We still have /EFI/BOOT as the path for grub.


This can be closed. It had nothing to do with the EFI files. I had forgotten to change the grub.cfg file in the EFI directory.