How to add a persistent external drive on screenly

Hello all, I’m totally new to Raspberry and Balena too.
I’m trying to build this project with Raspberry Pi4 4GB + Balena + Screenly, I was able to install and deploy the project to my device but I need to add a persistent external USB drive where I need to store the documents will be show on screenly. My question is, after I have successfully formatted my USB Stick in ext4, how can I mount it so screenly can use it as storage device?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Hey there Alessandro,

We have some documentation about mounting external storage media here: Communicate outside the container - Balena Documentation

Hope this helps.

Hello Phil, thanks for your reply but maybe I was not so clear in my request.
I know how to permanently mount a USB stick but I don’t know how to use it in Screenly project to let it use the USB stick as storage unit, in other words, what I need to mount on USB stick to be the default storage unit for Screenly project?

Hey Alessandro,

Gotcha! I think that’s a question you might get a better answer to if you pop over to Screenly’s support page. The app on balena hub is maintained by Screenly themselves. :slight_smile:


Thanks Phil but I have move to another solution that IMHO is better for me, I have modify Pi EEPROM so I can boot directly from USB stick/disk, I’ve solved in this way :slight_smile:
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