How large is the install base?

Are technical statistics available for Balena devices?
E.g. how many devices are running device type “Generic_x86_64” globally?
E.g. how many devices are running device type “Generic_x86_64” with a certain BalenaOS version?

I would like to get an impression on how popular or customer-tested a certain configuration is.

Thanks for reaching out. The statistics regarding the number of device types (and their configurations) deployed on the platform are not available. It would be helpful for us to know why and how the information would help your usecase? What worked or what is popular among other users on the platform might not work in every usecase.

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Our management is concerned whether or not Balena is big enough to be a trusted partner. I think that the size of the install-base could be one objective parameter that might say something about the maturity of the product.
I am happy to hear about other size or maturity indicators you may be able to share.

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