OSQuery for system metrics?

Hi there, curious if anyone has had any experience with https://osquery.io/?

It provides a SQL interface to query against what seems to be every imaginable system metric. It seems like it could be very useful on edge devices for monitoring. So you could do something like
SELECT * FROM interface_details; and get back:

Have been doing some early experimentation and it seems very promising. The use case for me is to create a basic frontend for a CM4 based edge device which allows the user to see some basic system stats. I’m putting it behind a FastAPI endpoint and simple running the query on request.

I know Supervisor/BalenaOS already utilizes https://systeminformation.io/ for some basic stats to the cloud UI, but I recall there have been some complaints that it doesn’t seem very accurate.


This looks interesting, if you succeed please share it with others as a block/app on balenaHub!