How implement environment variables?

Hello community

i was watching this helpful video to setup openBalena

And works properly without any problem.

After this i deployed with " balena deploy testApp --emulated --logs --build"
this git repo to the openBalena Server
But i have no idea how can set this enviroment variable.
|GW_ID|The gateway ID from the TTN console|
|GW_KEY|The gateway KEY from the TTN console|
|GW_RESET_PIN|22 (optional)|
Can anyone help me to implement the environment variable ?

Best regards Joachim

One could setup env var using the dashboard and here is a relevant doc:
or directly from the CLI (remove/add/list):
See the CLI doc, as it allows you to quickly verify the variables configuration on your local device.


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Thank you very much for your help.
Problem solved.

Regards Joachim

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