Help! Trying to recover files after flash

I uploaded ubuntu and selected a usb with files in it. and it tells me to format before using. How could i retrieve files in that usb (it’s very important;( I don’t need to use this usb for further operations i just want the files back.
I’ve checked the post but the way it described cannot be done without formatting the whole drive


If I understand correctly :

  1. You had a flash drive with some files.
  2. You downloaded ubuntu and flash it using etcher on that drive.
  3. Now your OS (i assume windows) is saying that you need to format that drive to read it.
  4. You want to get the original files back. (the one from from 1.)

You can’t. Flashing ubuntu at (2.) erased your flash drive and replace the content with ubuntu.

As flashing ubuntu has put a linux filesystem on your drive (ext4), windows cannot read it, but you should be able to boot a computer from that drive.

If you want to reuse your flash drive on your windows machine to carry files, you’ll need to format it (but you won’t find the original files).

If I misunderstood your question, please clarify.