Help setting up a Waveshare SIM7600E on a RPI 4

Hi all,

Sorry if this comes across quite dumb, though I’m a bit unsure of how to setup this 4G modem. At the moment I have put a NB-IOT sim (this is a ThingsMobile sim) in the modem and plugged a cable into the usb port on the board and connected it to a usb2.0 port on my Raspberry Pi 4.

I have a simple Balena release at the moment, that publishes sensor data and my aim is for the modem to automatically connect to 4G and then let Balena use the modem as a way of sending this data which just goes to an api endpoint using python.

I read the documentation and believe I just need to put a cellular file in the system-configurations/ folder in the resin-boot directory of the SD-Card. My cellular file looks like this,






The only issue is, nothing connects. Am I being stupid, am I overlooking something important? I feel like maybe this is too simple to get this modem setup, or is what I am doing right?

Also what is the best way to debug a modem like this when using BalenaOS?

Thanks all, really appreciate you bearing with my inexperience.

Kind Regards,

Hello @GeorgeBarlow

Could you please confirm that the modem appears on the nmcli d list? or it appears on the lsusb?

And could you please confirm the balenaOS and supervisor versions?